The Landscape Protection Policy

With County and Borough Councils under pressure to supply an increasing number of new homes, more and more greenfield sites are being proposed as suitable for development and communities are feeling disenfranchised.

Even if only small numbers of homes are built, the cumulative effects can change the character of community forever.

At present the impact of each development is considered on an individual basis when proposed.

A system to evaluate the cumulative effects of a Planning Application for development does not at present exist.


Aldington’s Story

Aldington and Bonnington were the first parish to develop their own Landscape Protection Policy in 2016. You can read about their story and what it entailed here.

So, what is it…. 


policy graphic

  • The idea is that people make an agreed list of the characteristics of their area that makes living there special.
  • They then  work with infrastructure professionals and plan how to quantify them by collecting information in a similar way to an Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • This information is then used to define a Policy for sustainable development in that area.


policy chart

Any future planning application in the area covered by the Policy must comply. For example, it could be that residents have prescribed the value of quiet roads, so any development must not significantly increase traffic.

This exciting proposal puts the power to decide whether development for a given area is appropriate, back into the hands of the people who live there. It works in a stronger way than a Neighbourhood Plan alone because it takes an holistic approach and accounts for cumulative effects.

The villages of Aldington and Bonnington, and Brabourne and Smeeth, have already developed their own Landscape Protection Policies. Get in touch with us about how to develop one for your village.

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