Over the next 10-15 years ABC plan to build 16,000 new homes across Ashford. A disproportionate amount are on greenfield sites in rural areas. An even higher percentage are situated in Ashford Rural South.

There is very little in the way of maps showing the overall cumulative effect of all the proposed developments in ABCs local plan 2030.

This map is an attempt to provide some visibility and transparency on where ABC are proposing to build new houses.

The map is still a work in progress and based on what we can glean from the council website. Also, because it is not an ordinance survey map is not going to be 100% accurate because google doesn’t give us land ownership boundaries. But it is good enough – and shows the extent and the cumulative effect. We have focused on the areas of Weald South, Weald East and Saxon Shore because this is where the volunteers working on the map are from, but we would welcome contributions from anywhere else as this applies to all the surrounding villages of Ashford.