Help us with a donation, every little counts. We are a group of local residents who have volunteered our time freely in order to protect the rural characteristics that we all cherish. But it costs money and we cannot do it without your help.
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We are currently raising money in order to present the Landscape Protection Policy to the Planning Inspectorate in April 2018. The Planning Inspectorate are a public body responsible for reviewing and approving Ashford Borough Council’s Local Plan 2030. In it are the council’s proposals for new housing developments across the whole of Ashford, which totals over 16,000 new homes. Many of these are in rural greenfield sites with little holistic planning around the impact of cumulative development on the small rural communities and rural landscapes that they will impact. We have a small window of opportunity in the next few months to try and affect some positive influence during this public review of Ashford Borough Council’s Local Plan 2030. Our aim is to present the LPP to the Inspectorate and ask that it be adopted into the Ashford Local Plan 2030 so that any rural development undertaken is appropriate and measured against clearly defined characteristics that residents consider unique and special to their area.